My name is Laird, not Memphis (I’ll get to that). I have kept my business small to ensure personal service for every project. Even though I have a fantastic assistant, I still handle the day-to-day, and do most of the heavy lifting. All of my clients work directly with me.

Memphis McKay is built on word-of-mouth. I am proud that 99% of my clients are referrals. They include NYT best-selling authors, bloggers, restaurants, boutiques, artists, and nonprofits — pop over to my portfolio to take a peek.

Oh, the name!
My business is named after a cat. Seriously… When my mother was four she had two cats named Taffy Lupinelle and Memphis McKay. (I would have gone with Taffy Lupinelle, but it sounded like an exotic dancer.)

If you have a project you think would be a good fit, I’d love to talk to you.