About Us

Our mission is to delight you. Simple, right?

Whether you are an author, a nonprofit, a small business, or blogger, we can help you create a clear, uncluttered, unique, and memorable online presence.

Memphis McKay is built on word-of-mouth. We are proud that 99% of our clients are referrals. They include New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors, editors, artists, professional organizations, and nonprofits — pop over to our portfolio to take a peek.

How We Work

Things we DO:

  • stay up to date on trends in design and in the writing market
  • listen to your goals and help assess your challenges
  • ask a lot of questions to pinpoint the DNA of your brand.
  • help you optimize your investment and impact.
  • recommend solutions that will fit your specific needs.
  • design sites that are easy to maintain and that are built to adapt.
  • strive to be someone whom our clients trust.
  • keep an open mind.

Things we DON’T:

  • “upsell” you.
  • believe there is only one way to do things
  • have a problem with honest feedback, or get bent out of shape when a client wants to change things.
  • mind answering lots of questions!
Note for Authors:

As an author, your website should define your brand, highlight your work, and act as a home base for existing and new readers. A well-defined brand and online presence helps your audience grow through engagement with you, whether by making subscribing to your newsletters easy and enticing, providing the latest information about your work and upcoming releases, or helping readers find other good stuff about you online – reviews, social media channels, and more.

We work hard to stay in the loop about shifts in the publishing landscape so that we can give authors the best advice possible and build websites that will adapt quickly to meet the challenges of a constantly changing industry. Landing pages, Facebook pixels, BookFunnel integrations, newsletter automation, and GDPR compliance are just a few of the things we help authors with every day.

We enjoy working with authors to help them develop unique ways to present their brand. Our portfolio includes websites for indie and traditionally-published authors as well as comprehensive online branding for editors and publishing companies.

Who We Are:

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