MJ Pullen

author website design & development for M.J. Pullen

author website design & development for M.J. Pullen

M.J. Pullen is an author, blogger and writing coach whose website stays busy!

It was important with M.J.’s site to not only showcase her books, but to create a clean, modern, and welcoming blog where readers could easily find what they were looking for. Her brand is fresh and fun, so the design we created for her has a number of small, fun details.

We created a “Distracted Writer” logo for her writing advice blog, put the spotlight on her phenomenal book covers, and tied in social media to ensure consistent branding.

If and when any of you are ready for the most amazing author website ever, and a friendly, helpful, creative designer to go with it, I invite you to check out Memphis McKay. Working with Laird is a consistent, collaborative pleasure. I know she stays busy, but even if you have to get in line for one of her gorgeous sites, it’s worth the wait. (Also, she’s a writer and she GETS it!)