Jodi Lea Stewart

Working with someone else vs. Laird Sapir on a new website and/or blog is like comparing a jerky Shetland pony jaunt through rocky canyons to cantering through the clouds on an Arabian Purebred. I’m not kidding.

Her tireless work ethic, along with her desire to build my Internet dream “home” (my website/blog) to my exacting specifications, was impressive. I’m not that easy to please, yet Laird exceeded my expectations with her patience and expansive knowledge base. Now I’m not only enjoying my luscious website, I also haven’t had a single technological glitch! What’s better than that?

When I refresh my website and blog in a couple of years, you can bet I won’t be contacting anyone but Laird Sapir!

Jodi Lea StewartAuthor of the series Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves.