Rachel Funk Heller

It is an honor and a joy to work with Laird Sapir. When it comes to carving out your unique place in the internet, you will not find a more creative, kind, professional, and talented web designer than Laird.

She listens to your ideas and works diligently to help you craft a web site that expresses your personality and message. She is on top of her game, willing to come up with solutions to your unique challenges. When we were working on writerscoloringbook.com she dealt with a variety of Paypal issues, got all of them resolved and created an easy, seamless shopping experience for my readers. She answered all of my concerns and questions within 24 hours, always made her self available and really went out of her way to get things done.

When you work with Laird you are in very talented and capable hands.

Rachel Funk HellerAuthor of The Writer’s Coloring Book