Sara Litchfield

I’m so thrilled with my new website, which pulls together my editing business, my writing and my blog into one social-media-friendly platform.

While I explained to Laird that this was my main goal, I think I made it clear up front that I wanted a control-freak level of oversight and would get annoyingly nit-picky. She was totally happy with that and took every change-of-mind & change-of-page I requested in her stride, incorporating the artwork exactly the way I wanted and working hard to present it as cleverly as possible.

Laird was completely in line with my aims and always in touch. I loved the feeling that I could get in contact anytime with questions and comments, and that we caught up face-to-face on Skype. Having tried to DIY my website, I’m very aware of everything I wanted being more difficult to bring into being than you might think. I’m so glad I found Laird to do everything I couldn’t! And for explaining the technical stuff patiently so that even I could understand it.

The level of after-care is impressive – Laird doesn’t just do the deal and then disappear. I’d recommend her services to anyone looking to build their home on the web – she’s the best architect and interior designer I could have hoped for.

Sara LitchfieldAuthor and Editor, Right Ink on the Wall.